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Children and youth classes

Age appropriate classes for children pre-K through sixth grade that are taught by qualified teachers who love children.  Our classrooms are well equipped and all adults who work with children have gone through a background check.

Age appropriate classes for middle and high-school students tailored to their specific age and maturity.  They are taught by adults who have a passion for the Gospel and discipling today’s youth.

Adult classes

The meaning of marriage

Marriages matter to God.  In fact, it is the second most important relationship we have after our relationship with Him.  Marriages matter more than parenting. Regardless of your children’s age, the best gift you can give to your children and your grandchildren is a gospel centered marriage.  Strong marriages are not only a gift to your children and grandchildren, but they are a gift to the church, and to world we live in as we model the love of Christ.  Because healthy gospel centered marriages are so important, we will be offering a Sunday class based on Tim Keller’s book titled, The Meaning of Marriage: Facing the Complexities of Commitment with the Wisdom of God beginning Sunday, October 7th.  The class is not designed for marriages that are in trouble, but for those want their marriages to be richer, sweeter, and more fulfilling: That means if you are married, this class is for you!  The class will be taught by Bob and Chris Orner and will meet in the Fellowship Hall.


This class will be taught by John Sheetz using Phil Ryken’s Courage to Stand: Jeremiah’s Battle Plan for Pagan Times. In the prophet Jeremiah’s day public life was increasingly dominated by pagan ideas and practices.  Jeremiah’s courage, passion, preaching, even his sufferings, show us out to live for God in difficult times.  God is beckoning his people to do as the prophet Jeremiah did.  To stand up and speak the truths of his Word. To follow God when it hurts. To weep and pray for the lost world around us. And to influence the culture for Christ.  This class will meet in the Parlor.

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