Our Mission

Our mission is to transform People and Places through the power of the Gospel.

We Value the Gospel (God’s Word)

Because God’s Word is His powerful, authoritative, and gracious presence in our midst:

  • We will preach and teach all of Scripture as the Gospel.
  • We will preach and teach the Gospel to believers and non-believers.
  • We will preach and teach toward heart transformation.
  • We will preach and teach the relevancy of Scripture to all of life.
  • We will pursue corporate study of Scripture.

We Value People (Gospel Community)

Because God’s people are called to live in community:

  • We will be hospitable and attentive to all our guests.
  • We will be compassionate and enter into the suffering of others.
  • We will be committed to sacrifice, honesty and forgiveness.
  • We will motivate each other with grace, not guilt or shame.
  • We will be committed to generosity.
  • We will be committed to strong marriages and families.
  • We will put people before programs.
  • We will be a people of prayer.

We Value Places (God’s World)

Because God has called us to live out the Gospel in the places we live, work, and play:

  • We will treat non-believers with love, dignity and respect.
  • We will be active in and committed to our places of influence.
  • We will endeavor to build deep relationships in our places.
  • We will practice hospitality in our places.
  • We will boldly share the gospel of Christ in our places.
  • We will give special care to the weak and the poor.