Elders – The form of government, or leadership, that we believe to be Biblical is called “Presbyterian.” This simply means that we are led by “presbyters,” most commonly known as elders, who are elected by the congregation as representatives to oversee the spiritual needs and ministries of the congregation. Our elders are divided into two teams: The Management Team (EMT) and the Shepherding Team (EST).

Elder Management Team:

  • Joe Bronkema (Clerk)
  • Mark Hutchins
  • John Griffith
  • Drew Grigg
  • Scott Mackey
  • Bob Orner (Moderator)
  • Jim Reiley
  • Mark Richards
  • Trevor Williams

Elder Shepherding Team:

  • Joe Frankenfield
  • Jeff Picerno
  • Barry Plimpton
  • Tom Servodidio
  • John Sheetz
  • Jim Sneller
  • Don Testa

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