Leadership & Staff

  • Dr. Bob Orner

    Lead Pastor

    Raised in East Africa Bob’s life was marked by adventure and diversity.  As the child of career missionaries he developed relationships with people of African, Arabic, Asian, Australian, and European decent.  […]

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  • Daniel Thornton

    Music Leader

    Dan has studied music for a quarter century and has served as a church musician for more than a decade. He has led music at Trinity Presbyterian in Charlottesville, Virginia, […]

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  • Rev. Dave Lindberg

    Pastor of Church Planting

    Dave grew up in the church and has been married to Julie since 2014. Together they have six kids ranging from four months old to twelve years. Dave is a […]

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  • Rev. Drew Grigg

    Pastor of Youth and Families

    Drew joined our team in 2015. He was born and raised in Richmond, VA and was very involved in sports and at his church. His family and youth ministry had […]

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  • Lisa Bronkema

    Nursery Coordinator

    For many years, Lisa served as a volunteer in the church nursery, and while doing so, she developed a real passion for the care of the children of our church […]

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  • Donna Hutchins

    Jubilee Preschool Director

    After serving as a teacher for eight years at the Jubilee Preschool at CPC, Donna became the director of the preschool in 1997. She is thankful to work in a […]

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  • Samantha Sabin-Rex


    Samantha Sabin-Rex joined the Covenant team in 2018 as the church administrator, following a 28-year career with the American Cancer Society. She is a member of All Souls Anglican Church […]

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  • B. Chris Orner

    Counselor, M.A., LPC

    Chris spent her childhood on a farm in central Illinois enjoying all things peaceful.  That was until she met her husband Bob, a pastor, and began a three-decade ministry adventure.  […]

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  • Elders

    Elders – The form of government, or leadership, that we believe to be Biblical is called “Presbyterian.” This simply means that we are led by “presbyters,” most commonly known as […]

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  • Deacons

    Deacons – Elected by the congregation the office of Deacon is one of sympathy and service. Their responsibilities include meeting the physical/economic needs inside by and outside the congregation, visiting the sick, the […]

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