The human body is an incredible organism that has an uncanny ability to survive and heal itself. However, like the passage above notes, the human body needs all of its parts to be healthy and operate properly. With that in mind, we are committed to living out the teachings of Scripture in an authentic community marked by sacrifice, honest, and forgiveness. We want to be a place where it is safe to talk about our struggles and know that we will be loved rather than shamed, we will be prayed for rather than talked about, and cared for rather than shunned. A place where we laugh a lot, and celebrate what God is doing in each other’s lives.

This level of community only works when it originates in small groups of diverse and imperfect people who are committed to connecting with each other on a consistent basis for mutual care and fellowship. It is in this context that we are invited to live as a body experiencing and living out what it means to “Love your neighbor as yourself.”(Luke 10:27) Here at Covenant, we call these Community Groups. They are relationally driven and an important way we care for the health, welfare, and protection of the body of Christ.

What does a group gathering look like? 

Because building and maintaining Biblical relationships is central to our community groups, we encourage sharing meals together, sharing our stories with each other, sharing His story to each other, and sharing our prayers with the Father.

How often do groups meet?

Consistency provides more opportunity for connection and care, and that’s why the full group will meet twice a month. In addition, there will be gender specific groups that meet on off weeks. Example: Week 1 – Group Meeting, Week 2 – Men’s Meeting, Week 3 – Group Meeting, Week 4 – Women’s Meeting. In the case of a 5th week, groups will gather for a dinner or other lighthearted fellowship.

Where will groups meet? 

In most cases they will meet in a host home. This builds familiarity and continuity for members as well as making it easier to invite guests without having to guess where the next meeting will be.

How many people are in each group?

The sizes will vary, but we encourage that new groups are formed when existing groups reach 16 members.

How are groups led? 

Leaders will be approved by the Elders of Covenant, and then equipped as well as coached to effectively lead their group. It is our desire to have an apprentice or assistant to each leader that will prepare to lead in the future.

How will a Group handle childcare?

Childcare is a significant challenge for many young parents.   There no easy solution, but we believe that meeting twice a month eases that concern.   We have found that alternating child-care methods can also be helpful.  These include: everyone gets their own childcare, children attend and 2 adults (rotate each month) to provide childcare,  children attend and everyone donates a few dollars for babysitters.

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